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Organic Wheat Flakes


Bran flakes is a brand of breakfast cereal similar to corn flakes and currently owned by Post Holdings. The cereal consists of small toasted flakes of wheat or oat bran together with binders and seasoning. They may be nutritionally fortified. They are usually served cold with milk.

Organic Wheat Flakes are the perfect addition to your morning routine. They’re a delicious way to start your day, combining a wholesome crunch with a light, sweet flavour. Enjoy as part of a nutritious breakfast, or as a tasty snack.

Organic wheat flakes are a source of protein. They have a very low content of salts and fats. Wheat flakes have good cooking properties. Such flakes can be used in the kitchens to make grilled meats, stuffed vegetables and other meat products.

Wheat flakes are great for adding bulk to a meal. They provide a lot of fibre and protein, which will keep you feeling full for a longer time.

Organic Wheat Flakes are a delicious and versatile ingredient that you can add to breakfast cereals, baked goods, baked or grilled dishes. A great source of protein, they are also low in salt and fat and have no added sugar.