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Free shipping for orders over £40

Organic Super Muesli



Oats 55%, Raisins 20%, Hazelnuts 5%,Dates 4%, Apple 4%, Sunflower kernels 4%, Apricot 3%, Currants 3%, Roasted buckwheat 2%

Muesli (/ˈmjuːzli/ MEWZ-lee) is a cold oatmeal dish based on rolled oats and ingredients such as grains, nuts, seeds and fresh or dried fruits. Muesli was traditionally prepared with milk or cream, a squeeze of citrus juice, often with a sweetener such as honey, and either left overnight to soften or eaten immediately. Yoghurt or other milk products are now commonly added to packaged and homemade muesli recipes.

Developed around 1900 by Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner for patients in his hospital, it is now eaten as a standard breakfast dish, like a breakfast cereal, and also in Switzerland as a supper called Birchermüesli complet: muesli with Café complet (milk coffee, accompanied with bread, butter, and jam (Butterbrot)).

As delicious as it is healthy, our organic muesli features the finest combination of ingredients. From the sweet-yet-tart taste of raisins and apricots to the crunchy texture of sunflower kernels and hazelnuts, this is perfect for those who prefer a more natural approach to combining healthy food with great taste. Super Muesli can be eaten simply as cereal with milk or yoghurt.