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Organic Cornflakes

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Introducing Thames Organic's Organic Cornflakes—a true staple for any breakfast table, redefined with the purity and integrity of organic farming. As a dedicated UK-based provider of certified organic foods, Thames Organic is committed to delivering only the finest natural products that support both your health and the environment.

Our Organic Cornflakes are crafted from corn that is grown exclusively on certified organic farms, adhering strictly to the standards set by the Soil Association (License number: DA30314). This certification guarantees that our corn is cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms, ensuring that every flake is as pure as nature intended.

At Thames Organic, we go beyond just sourcing sustainably; we actively support the local farmers who are the backbone of our supply chain. These partnerships help foster community development and the growth of organic farming practices across the UK, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.

Our cornflakes are not just good for you and the planet; they also taste fantastic. Crispy, light, and with a natural sweetness of corn, they are the perfect start to your day. Enjoy them with your choice of milk or dairy-free alternative, or use them as a base in your homemade snack bars and desserts.

Understanding the diverse dietary needs and preferences of our customers, we ensure that all our products, including our Organic Cornflakes, are vegan and vegetarian friendly. This makes them a versatile choice for households that are conscious about animal welfare and looking for plant-based food options.

Packaging is key to maintaining freshness and ensuring our products reach you in the best condition. That’s why our Organic Cornflakes come in BPA-free, resealable packaging. This not only helps keep the flakes fresh but also provides you with ease of storage, ensuring that your cornflakes maintain their crispness and flavor, morning after morning.

Thames Organic is not just a name but a promise of quality and transparency. You can check our organic certification and learn more about our standards by visiting the Soil Association’s website. Our adherence to these rigorous standards is what sets us apart in the marketplace, offering you a product you can trust.

Allergen Information: Please be aware that while our Organic Cornflakes are produced with care, they are packed on premises that handle nuts, peanuts, seeds, cereals, soya, and products containing gluten. We maintain stringent cleanliness standards, but it is important for those with severe allergies to consider this information.

Choose Thames Organic's Organic Cornflakes for a healthier, more sustainable way to start your day. Enjoy the simplicity and purity of a breakfast that not only tastes great but also aligns with your values of environmental stewardship and ethical consumption.

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