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Organic Camargue Red Rice

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As one of the oldest cultivated grains, rice is a staple for millions all over the world. Camargue Rice is grown in wetlands in the Camargue region of southern France. The Camargue is known for its rugged beauty and un-paralleled biodiversity, and is designated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. In addition to having excellent taste and texture characteristics, red rice is considered healthy alternative to white pulled because of its higher nutritional value. It has significant quantities of anthocyanins, which give it its distinctive color. Red rice also has higher levels of fiber than traditional white rice.

Camargue Red Rice is a browny-maroon colored, short grain rice with an earthy, nutty flavor. Its name comes from its coloring, which results from pigments in the outer bran layer, and has a pleasantly chewy texture and a nutty flavour.

The natural salt content in the Camargue’s soil makes growing most crops a challenge but because rice can handle higher levels of salinity it proves to be well suited to the area. “Le Riz Rouge” as the rice is called, is similar to brown rice with its longish grain and nutty flavor but its texture is firmer and less sticky.