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New boxed products!

Organic Brown Rice Flakes

An excellent source of nutrition, these Organic Brown Rice Flakes are naturally high in protein and vitamins B6, B3 (niacin), E and D. They are also a good source of healthy fibre providing digestive tract health and support.

Organic Brown Rice Flakes are unique cereal flakes made from 100% whole grain brown rice. They have all the taste and nutrition of whole grain rice, but with a light and crispy texture.

Organic brown rice flakes are made from fresh, certified organic brown rice. They can be eaten plain as a great snack or mixed with other cereals and fruits. Simply soak and add your favorite sweetener or top with sliced bananas and nuts.

Organic Brown Rice Flakes are nutritious, delicious, convenient and versatile. These crispy flakes can be enjoyed plain as a snack or mixed with other cereals and fruits. They can be soaked in soymilk, rice milk or any warm liquid to make a tasty, warm cereal.

Brown Rice Flakes make a great addition to your diet. These crisp flakes are low in fat and high in fibre. Sprinkle the flaked rice on salads, soup, cereal or yogurt for extra crunch. They also make a delicious breakfast cereal when served with fruit, granola and soy milk.