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Organic Alfalfa Seeds

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Thames Organic introduces Organic Alfalfa Seeds, a powerhouse of taste and nutrition that's a kitchen essential for various culinary preferences. Ideal for vegans, vegetarians, or those adhering to plant-based diets, these premium alfalfa seeds offer a mild, slightly nutty flavor that elevates your favorite recipes. Sprinkle them over salads, sandwiches, or wraps for a nutritious and crunchy addition, or sprout them for a refreshing topping that embraces natural goodness while enhancing your culinary adventures.

What makes organic alfalfa unique?

Organic Alfalfa Seeds present a balanced, deliciously healthy snacking choice loaded with an array of beneficial nutrients. Packed with enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and trace elements, these seeds offer a range of health benefits that complement your well-being.

For those seeking a nutritious meal, explore alfalfa seed recipes that are rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins, and minerals, adding a vibrant boost to your diet.

Alfalfa boasts an impressive nutritional profile, featuring protein, calcium, and various minerals alongside essential vitamins like B, C, D, E, and K. Often included in salads and sandwiches for its flavor-enhancing qualities, these seeds provide a high-energy, protein-rich alternative for dairy cattle while benefiting from their root bacteria, which enrich the soil with nitrogen. Their robust root structure enhances endurance, particularly during drought periods, contributing to sustainable farming practices. With vitamin K, antioxidants, protein, and dietary fiber, alfalfa seeds offer a low-sodium, low-saturated fat addition to your meals, promoting overall health and balanced nutrition.

Alfalfa is one of the most delicious and famous nutritious seeds used in sandwiches, burritos, and salads. Organic alfalfa seeds are delicious, with a sweet, nutty flavor. Alfalfa sprouts are what people often think of when you mention sprouts.

It is recommended to soak the seeds in water for 5-6 hours or overnight, after which it should be consumed and chewed thoroughly. It is helpful to grind the seeds dry in a coffee grinder and take it yourself.

Discover Thames Organic's Organic Alfalfa Seeds – a versatile and delightful addition to your kitchen, perfect for a variety of culinary preferences. Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, or follow a plant-based, specific dietary plan, these premium alfalfa seeds are a must-have. Sourced sustainably from the finest organic crops, they offer a mild and slightly nutty flavor that enhances your favorite recipes. Use them as a nutritious and crunchy addition to salads, sandwiches, or wraps, or sprout them for a delightful and refreshing topping. Embrace the natural goodness of Thames Organic's Alfalfa Seeds and elevate your cooking with this wholesome and eco-conscious choice.

What’s unique in organic alfalfa?

Organic Alfalfa Seed will help you strike that perfect balance of healthy snacks that taste delicious. They contain a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to your overall health. Organic alfalfa seeds will provide different benefits such as enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and trace elements. 

If you want healthy meal, you should try Alfalfa seed recipes because these are rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, minerals or other vitamins.

is rich in protein, calcium, and other minerals, as well as vitamin B, C, D, E, and K. Alfalfa seeds are often added to salads and sandwiches. It has a flavor-enhancing effect.İt is also a delicious, high-energy and protein nutrient alternative for dairy cattle.
Bacteria in the roots of alfalfa increase the level of nitrogen. It provides high protein feed production in soils where nitrogen is insufficient. Having a very strong root structure increases its endurance, especially during drought periods.
Thames Organic’s Soil Association Licence number is DA30314.

  • Includes vitamin K
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • A good source of protein
  • A very good source of dietary fiber
  • Low in saturated fat and sodium 

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